Join us for a week in the forests and hills of southern Poland, where we will be discovering Polish wildlife & heritage on both sides of the border between Poland and Slovakia.
Discover Polish wildlife and heritage by foot, bike or any other way you like.
Join us and discover amazing "Polish golden autumn'' and try mushrooms workshop with Salamandra Team
This is perfect time for animal tracking, skiing or vist spa center with warm pools outside in High Tatras.
The week-long trip will start with an introduction to the wildlife in the area and the trail cameras (camera traps) we will be using. You will be given an Acorn camera trap to use during the course of the week. You can buy this camera at half price if you wish. You can keep the SD card with photographs/videos. The first job will be to retrieve any cameras that were left out last time and see what they have recorded, whilst deploying your camera(s). We usually have lots of deer and wild boar, wolves, lynx and the occasional pine marten or wildcat. Sometimes we have birds such as buzzards, black woodpeckers, owls and nutcrackers.
Hiking in the Polish Tatra Mountains to see beautiful wildlife and landscapes